There is a business in town who for some reason insists on writing commercials (radio & tv) for their clients that are way too long and sound like a crackhead competing in a speed reading competition.
Do they (the agency) not realize this is the same thing as sitting in front of the potential customer and yelling in their face? I mean sure, if you are a Marine Corp Drill Instructor, that’s how your message is supposed to be delivered. Your audience expects and is trained to accept that kind of communication.
I hate to break it to the businesses that use this kind of agency, but they are wasting your hard earned treasure. Throwing it right out the window. On top of that they are alienating your potential customers by putting this type of “message” out there. Oh, your potential clients will remember the commercials. But it will because they have annoyed them and left a bad taste in their mouth.
People don’t mind being sold if it is done honestly and respectfully. They don’t want to be yelled at or talked at so fast that you can’t even remember a thing of what was said. So for that reason, your overly crammed speed reading baby is ugly.