Why do people fear the chain of command so much. Why are they afraid to replace or point out a broken link?

When a person’s job is help you do your job or to ensure that you are successful in doing your job and they aren’t doing it, why do most people sit and cry? Why don’t you deal with the person and rectify the situation? Like, oh I don’t know..grownups!

If all goes as we would like, then the situation is resolved and we move on. But what if the person still consistently does the same thing over and over and nothing changes? Besides being the definition of insanity, it’s the time to move up the chain. This is where people for some strange reason freak out.

It’s not that big of a deal. Are these people just so use to being victims that they just sit and let someone impede them from being prosperous and successful? Tell me, cause I want to understand! Here is the part that kills me even more, when there is a chance that you may have to jump one, two maybe even three rings in the chain to get things resolved.

You might as well tell people you are going into battle with God (insert deity of choice or none if applicable). The heavens will tear open and a rain of blood and baby seals will fall from the heavens to teach you that no mere mortal may talk to higher power. This is about as true as Steven Hawkins winning the 500 relay in the summer games. People forget it is the higher links job to ensure all the lower links pull their weight and are solid. So if you have to keep heading up the links to get to a solid link then so be it. You are only doing the other links such as yourself a favor in trying to repair the bad link situation.

So people, it’s time start making sure your links are solid. Before the bad links start to weaken you.