The-iconic-moon-image-from-A-Trip-to-the-MoonSometimes you encounter a situation where your ESP isn’t working. Sometimes a Client will place an expectation upon you that are completely unaware of. So what happens when that expectation is failed upon? Well, you have two options.
You can get defensive with the Client and get into an argument with them and get into a tit for tat of blame. Which in reality just escalates the situation and in my opinion, damages the relationship.
The other option is you could take a bit of the bullet. I’m not saying the full bullet. Especially if is not your fault. I’m saying a simple apology, with the comment, ” I was unaware of this expectation.” The apology will make the Client cool down. It will also save a relationship and set the grounds for unknown expectations to be fleshed out and put everyone on an even playing field.