Up in the Northern California where I reside, there is an interesting advertising phenomena that business’ constantly fall prey to…mobile vehicle advertising.

I know where you live you have probably seen them as well. Big moving type vans with either changing images on the side, still billboard type images or sometimes a billboard pulled on a trailer.

Here are a couple of questions I would like to propose to any business advertising on those.
A. Really the audience you want to hit?
B. Can you even really read this ads from more than two cars away?

Now let me explain why I ask. Lets start with my theory on question number one. Is the audience driving around town during the day, while the general populace is at work, the audience who has the money to buy your product? Because logic would dictate that if these people had jobs (discounting the realtors, mail people and such whose job it is to be out during the day) they would be at their jobs, not gallivanting around town all day. There is this weird logic that seems to be pushed off on the client by agencies/advertising outlets that the more people who you could possibly reach is the best use of your advertising dollars. I think that is complete silliness. How about taking your advertising dollars and aiming towards the crowd who actually is your demographic?
Let me put it this way, if your significant other was held hostage at gunpoint and SWAT was going to take a shot at the gunman. Would you rather they shot him with a shotgun and take the risk of killing the hostage? Or shoot him with a rifle that is aimed at the gunman specifically leaving the hostage safe? Same premise with your ad dollars.
The second question is pretty simple. Have you ever been able to read those mobile advertising rigs from more than two to three vehicles away? I’m gonna say probably not, most people will say the same thing. Unless you are right behind them, or to the side the legibility of the message goes right out of the ad. God forbid you are two cars behind at an angle because them its glare city! Let’s just also completely take out the fact that your eyes should be on the road while you are driving not trying to read some semi legible moving billboard.

So there you have my Mobile Lame-Vertising rant.

Remember, Friends don’t let Friends advertise badly!