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Your Florescent Lettered Baby is Ugly!

Man, I see at least three times a day, minimum. Gaudy, neon colored, multi type-faced, ugly baby abominations of television advertising. I know you have seen them and if  I mentioned their names you would be like, “Oh, I know exactly what you are talking about.” As it is you are probably like, “I know exactly who you are talking about.” Please Mr. or Mrs. Agency person, why the hell do you do this to your clients? Do you not know what it mean to use some simple, brand color and logo coordinated type work? It’s not that hard really. I swear!

The Chain of Command

Why do people fear the chain of command so much. Why are they afraid to replace or point out a broken link?

When a person’s job is help you do your job or to ensure that you are successful in doing your job and they aren’t doing it, why do most people sit and cry? Why don’t you deal with the person and rectify the situation? Like, oh I don’t know..grownups!

If all goes as we would like, then the situation is resolved and we move on. But what if the person still consistently does the same thing over and over and nothing changes? Besides being the definition of insanity, it’s the time to move up the chain. This is where people for some strange reason freak out.

It’s not that big of a deal. Are these people just so use to being victims that they just sit and let someone impede them from being prosperous and successful? Tell me, cause I want to understand! Here is the part that kills me even more, when there is a chance that you may have to jump one, two maybe even three rings in the chain to get things resolved.

You might as well tell people you are going into battle with God (insert deity of choice or none if applicable). The heavens will tear open and a rain of blood and baby seals will fall from the heavens to teach you that no mere mortal may talk to higher power. This is about as true as Steven Hawkins winning the 500 relay in the summer games. People forget it is the higher links job to ensure all the lower links pull their weight and are solid. So if you have to keep heading up the links to get to a solid link then so be it. You are only doing the other links such as yourself a favor in trying to repair the bad link situation.

So people, it’s time start making sure your links are solid. Before the bad links start to weaken you.

Teaching Lessons

I come from a damn ethical family. So those of you who are in the gray domain of ethics will probably never understand this post.

I have an agency that lives out of the area (150 miles plus) that decided to play in the sandbox of the city I live in. While playing in it were charging substantial fees (though for their base area not over priced, for here very.) for mom and pop type clients. This agency, let me say of the bat; can do some really good work when they are fully focused on it. But at the distance they operate, and when they have higher paying clients in their back yard, it is hard for them to focus accordingly.

Well this agency decided to unleash a television campaign for a client with a new website address. Turns out the agency didn’t even take the time to register this domain. After examining how this agency handled their clients in this city it became this was their mode of operation. Not paying attention to the details was the way things were being done, and by god they were great at it.

So I decided to teach them a lesson. I took the liberty of registering their clients’ domains under my agency. But at first mind you, I waited for about a month of the campaign running before I did. Figuring that maybe the site would go up and all would be good. But it did not. So I put up a splash page with a shot I cobbled together from the agencies literature showing a finished site in a nice soft blur background. Recreated their logo from a screen capture on tv and put all the clients contact information on the page as well. Then under everything in small print I put, “this site under construction by Outlander Creative, Inc.” Figured at some point the agency would call me and beg for the site back. I waited…..

And waited….

Finally after a month of my page being up I started getting calls from the agency. Being a busy man didn’t get a chance to return any of them. No, honestly just to damn busy. Finally we started communicating via email. At this point the agency started panicking, as now their client was asking why is our site not up? And why does someone else own our name?

So I get an email form the agency, whining about “we spent thousands printing rx pads, cards, letterhead…yada yada yada”, “you will have cost me thousands” And here is where the lesson begins. I replied back to him that if he had bothered to do business correctly he would have taken care of these things before printing all this stuff, starting the campaign and probably even before presenting it all to the client. I think I touched a nerve at that point, because the response of “So glad you are perfect, I never claimed to be.” usually means I’ve stepped on someone’s pee-pee.

Just so you know, there are several examples of this kind of stuff in my town with this agency.

I’ll be the first on earth to say I’m not perfect. But when I fuck up, I move to rectify the situation and take ownership of it. Honesty… It’s pretty basic business, and beginners ethics, or at least I thought. But not to this agency, apparently it is a mystical point that no person can ever hope to attain.

So how did it end? I released the domains for what I had into them. Oh, people told me to go for more but it was never about money. It was about if you are going to represent yourself as a business do so to professionally. Because if you don’t, it only harms everyone in the industry in that area where you are playing.

Also because if you don’t, and it’s in my sandbox, I’m gonna have to teach you a few lessons…