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Creativity Lives!!

I was on the way to Raley’s to get some supermarket sushi (have to say pretty darn good!) for my wife while she was trapped at work and I saw the most amazing car I have seen in a long time! A tricked out VW bug. Now I have to be honest I am not a fan of the bugs only due to the fact they are not meant for a full size human such as myself. But this was different, it was a creative masterpiece. The attention to detail was awesome, the feel was awesome and actually it was just all awesome.

Allot me to show you…..

IMG_2296 IMG_2297

You really need to blow these up to get the full glory. Everything on this car was vintage, from the wooden surfboard to the side window swamp cooler. All neatly affixed in the most simple hidden ways. While it looked random to some people a few like myself saw it for what it was. A jolt of pure creativity.

That’s the weird thing with creativity, it sometimes goes unnoticed. Actually, let me clarify. Sometimes the small details of the creativity go unnoticed. I’m sure that most people didn’t care how everything was attached. They just thought it was cool, and it was. But to a select few, they see it and appreciate it. Even the clasps to hold the 60’s skateboard on the back were aged with a great patina.

So what is my point of this ramble? Well, when creating something, don’t just settle for good enough. If the owner had, it would have totally killed the illusion and feel of his car. Imagine seeing all that cool patina then bright shiny clasps holding things on? People will notice “good enough” and see it for what it is, good enough. Be better…..