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Outlander Creative, Inc. is a full service, fully contained

advertising / marketing / video / design agency in Shasta County.

We can put together a creative and effective marketing campaign and provide strategic media placement tailored to your target demographic for maximum effectiveness. Specializing in creating and presenting your distinct advertising campaign to your demographic as a single cohesive message across all forms of media. From video production for television commercials and radio production to graphic/print design and website design & seo to social media and guerrilla marketing. Bringing you message to life and bringing results to your door is our goal.

picture of owner/president
Ty turned our television commercial around quickly and professionally. We received an average of 12-15 calls per day the first year of the commercial Ty designed for us. Three years later we still get an average of 3-5 per day.
Scott Berg

Program Director, SHHIP

Ty, Thank you! We received so many compliments on the tv ads and the radio ads with Dave Scott and Mike Monyhan. Keep up the great work! thank you again so very much!

Kristen Schreder

Councilperson, Redding City Council

Ty, you were so patient! Thank you for all your help with the campaign. I know it’s your “job” but no one is paid enough to be kind and generous and you were! It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you again and again.

Francie Sullivan

Councilperson, Redding City Council

When you’ve got a stubborn advertising / marketing / video / design problem, you need a stubborn creative brain.  We’re stubborn because we love what we do. We love it when design can help actually people.

Companies and Equipment We Use and Support:

AppleAdobeCanonAudio TechnicaShureRodeLowelProMasterCool LuxTamaronCrown Camera

canon camera


Video production is the only form of media that encompasses sight, sound and emotion. The proper message will work wonders. However the the wrong message could taint a business for years. Once again it comes down to planning. Studying the consumer, the market, the business and then carefully formulating a successful script. It could be a television commercial or it could be a youtube video, it will elicit some kind of emotion…

But it’s more than a script, it’s quality talent, audio and lighting. It’s knowing what angles will pull the right emotion from the viewer.  It’s knowing what lighting will convey the drama or inspiration in the shot.

We could go on and on regarding video but we will stop here….For now.


SD & HD Video

Motion Graphics


Green & Blue Screen

Wireless Audio

Lights, Reflectors and Stands Oh my!

microphone shot


Oh the radio commercial. So many people hear them on the radio every day, so it’s important that yours be the best it can. Several things can effect the outcome of a radio commercial. For example the wrong voice can make the spot unlistenable and totally miss your target demographic. The wrong music can convey a completely different “energy” to a commercial. Making what was supposed to be an uplifting spot into a tired, limping along, when is this going to end commercial.

With all that in mind, a major factor in your radio commercial is the message, If the message is wrong for your target demographic, the radio commercial will be ignored. Not only will it be ignored, it may well become loathed to the point that it effects all of your marketing.

Don’t let a bad radio commercial deafen your customers to your business.


On Location Radio/Web Recording

National Level Royalty Free Music Library

Full Suite of Professional Software

Custom Music Creation

Complete Foley & SFX Collection

banner project


Print design and graphics, where do we start? From the very beginning man has communicated thru pictures. Whether it was the Lascaux Caves, Egyptian Temples or to the later days of flyers, newspapers and posters. Over time the techniques have become more and more sophisticated, allowing for amazing image quality.

It’s important to work with a company who gets how a print image works. Be it color psychology, how type fits together in the design or the demographics of a font. For over thirty years we have been designing print content for clients from the local level to the national level.

Great print design does not have to break the bank. However a bad design will kill a message.


Collateral Design

Billboard Design

Logo Concepts & Design

Print Advertising

Poster Design

and More

web work

web & seo

In this day and age a website is a must. Most people now go to the web to search for the business they want and the phone book either gets tossed out or becomes a monitor stand. A website can vary in so many ways by it’s design. It could be a wordpress based site, joomla, homestead, facebook even, or a complete custom website site from scratch.

The most important thing when building a website site is content. Without good solid content people will usually gloss over your site. We can help with that content. It also takes a well designed color theme, preferably one tied to your brands colors and feel. If not one designed around pleasing friendly colors. We can do that as well.

Also along with that website comes SEO & SEM. These phrases get bandied around quite a bit these days as everyone is an expert. But just know these are import things in regards to your site and should not be over looked.

Welcome to my website…said the spider to the fly.







Untangling the web….

guerrilla marketing


On our favorite areas to work in, Guerrilla Marketing. It used to be that the phrase referred to what small businesses could to with little or no money. It still maintains a little bit of that meaning but it has mainly evolved into “out of the box” ideas. Video projections on walls, crushed cars left around towns in preparation for monster trucks coming to town all the way down to costumed mascots.

The effects of Guerrilla Marketing often times lead to viral success on the internet, amazing word of mouth and just really, really cool and fun promotions.

Sometimes ya’ gotta let the guerrilla loose before someone else does.


 Video Projection

 Large Scale Promotions

 Evil Genius Ideas!

studying data


Even though all of this creative stuff is really cool, with out the proper media planning it is all for naught. Too often this is overlooked. Agencies will take all the clients money for production and then leave them no money to run anything, anywhere.

Planning where to place your advertising is one of our specialties. Carefully studying your business at every level, while learning what your goals are, helps us in this task. We have a twenty one layer system that carefully dissects your business from demographics and psychographics to the hours of the day that are best for your business.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail.


Demographics & Psychographics

Media Planning

Media Buying & Placement

Rate Negotiation

Market Research

Insane Love of Data & Information

whats inside


Just admit it, you’re curious. It’s okay a lot of people are. I’ll whip something up just for you! Just be patient!


 Sushi Eating

 Comic Book Artist


 Guitar & Bass Player

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 Loud & Generally Harmless….

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Contact, we all want it on some level and you know it costs absolutely nothing to sit and talk and figure out where you want to go, what you want to do and if we  can be of help. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, big or small. Everyone deserves good service.

So please never let your budget keep you away.

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